My Spirit Animal is a Sea Cow

I love manatees.

That’s dumb but I super love manatees and I think they’re my favourite animal.

They’re big and slow and peaceful. They’re vegetarian but have no natural enemies. Their biggest threat is humans, and they often have scars from getting hit by boats.

They’re still friendly though. There are theories that stories about mermaids actually arose from sailors’ interactions with manatees.

Mostly they just hang out by themselves all day, paddling around in shallow water, grazing on whatever’s around, and being generally chill AF. Also they used to be endangered, but they’ve recently been downgraded to just vulnerable, which is great, because people just kinda went “Hey, these guys are cool and they’re not hurting anyone, let’s stop fuckin with their steez.” And then they did. Probably. I dunno, I don’t have to check facts, this is the internet.

In conclusion, manatees are basically big sea teddy bears and I want to boop their noses.


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