I want a little house up on the mountain, away from everything.

I want a big yard and a fire pit and a garden where I’ll try to grow some vegetables but I’ll probably fail because I’ve never had much of a green thumb.

I want a big tree that I can climb up and sit in to get a different perspective but hopefully it isn’t full of bugs.

I want a path through the woods that I can wander along and leave markers and bird feeders in my favourite spots, and hopefully the path is also not full of bugs.

I want a big dog to go on adventures with and who will wander through the woods with me and explore.

I want one room in my house with a projector aimed at a wall and I’ll screen my favourite movies there for me and my friends. Probably mostly just for me though since I don’t really have friends.

I want a bathroom with a great big bathtub that I can have bubble baths in, and I want a tv over the bathtub that I can watch Netflix on.

And people will be like “Jessica, don’t put a tv in your bathroom, that’s something old men would do,” and I’ll be like, “Shut up, this is my dream house and you weren’t even invited.”

Because who needs that kind of negativity?


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