All those times,

I thought you were reassuring me,

but I guess maybe

you were reassuring



I like to consider myself a “Future Self-Help Guru.”

Okay, confession time. 

I’m a huge pop psychology nerd. 

Myers-Briggs is my area of (thoroughly non-professional, thoroughly non-academic) expertise, but pretty much any philosophy that encourages introspection, self awareness and self improvement is a-ok in my books. (I’ve also dabbled in enneagrams, socionics, Strengthsfinder, and had significant training in OAD.)

Too often I think people like to use these “personality tests” as a way to put themselves in a box and make excuses for their bad behaviour. This is missing the point. They’re losing out on a powerful tool to take ownership of who they are, identify their strengths and use those strengths to leverage their weaknesses. 

We are who we are. We should strive to be authentically ourselves at all times… but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn about ourselves and learn to be more. Learn to be the best, fullest version of ourselves. 

I feel as though I’m venturing into over-saturated territory with this topic, but it’s something I that feel strongly about and that I have a lot of thoughts on. And something I’d like to write more about. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in this stuff too, and you’d be interested in reading more in this area, leave me a like or a comment to let me know. 

Or don’t and I’ll probably just keep writing about it anyway, because I’m an INFP and this is my blog and I do what I want. HAH. 

Like I am seriously baffled by this

You know how some guys/”bros” when they greet each other, they do that bro hug/handshake? And sometimes the handshake has like 4 different components. And as far as I can see, every handshake with every pair of guys is different. 

How does this work? How do you know what thing to do? Is it improvised on the spot? Do you telegraph it to each other somehow? Does the one who asserts his personal handshake become the alpha? If you do the wrong thing, do you fail the test? How do you know which thing??

I would never know which thing. 

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others – George Orwell

Some people are mourning democracy this week. 

I say that’s a bit like mourning the Tooth Fairy. It was never there to begin with, not in the way we thought. It was just a story the “grown ups” told us to help us sleep at night. 

The truth is, no one’s in charge. Elected officials look out for big business, big business looks out for politicians who play ball to their liking, and the rest of us are on our own. 

Politicians, even the “good” ones, don’t represent us. They can’t possibly speak for a middle class family struggling to make ends meet because they’ve never lived that life. None of their friends have ever lived that life. The “middle class” is an abstract concept, a faceless sea of people who don’t particularly matter, to be pandered to and thrown a bone from time to time when they get too agitated.

But don’t cry because Trump won. Be glad that the curtain has finally been pulled back and we can all finally see the system for what it really is: rigged. 

It’s time to stop accepting a wolf in sheep’s clothing just because he or she is “accessible.” 

It’s time to stop turning a blind eye just because I specifically am not the one being fucked over right now. 

It’s time to stop accepting an inadequate job from our leaders just because they “aren’t screwing anything up too badly.”

It’s time to start holding these people accountable. 

You have a voice. Tell them what you want. 

Everything’s gonna be so great when I finally quit procrastinating. Some day. Not now though.

I bought myself one of those daily organizer books. On the very first page I wrote, “I promise I will actually use this book to stay accountable,” and signed and dated it.

This was about a year and a half ago, and I don’t think I ever touched it again. I don’t even know where it is.

I have many good intentions and a flair for the dramatic but what I do not have is follow through.